Flexible Panel

Our flexible panel is waterproof (against water), its life is the same as the high quality mono-crystalline module, at least 20 years of life. The flexible panel does not need the battery, the product by itself is a charger.

You can connect the panel together with an inverter so that they can connect to the state grid (220V or 110v.) Also you can store electrical energy to a battery, but it is not necessary.

Construction features Dimensions: Length: 2849 mm (112.1 “), Width: 394 mm (15.5”), Depth: 4 mm (0.2 “), 16 mm (0.6”) including potted terminal cover assembly Weight: 3.9 kg (8.7 lbs) Output wires: (AWG 12) 4mm2 wire with DC Weatherproof rated fast-connect terminals * 560mm (22 “) length. Bridge Diodes: Connected Through Each Solar Cell Encapsulation: Durable High Light-Transitive ETFE Polymer Adhesive: Ethylene Propylene Light Flake Adhesive-Cellant with Microbial Inhibitor Cell Type: 11 Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells triple junction 356 mm x 239 mm (14 “x 9.4”) connected in series Ratings and Safety Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories for electrical and fire safety (class A maximum slope 2/12, maximum slope 3/12 Class B , Class C) Unlimited Slope Fire Ratings for use in systems up to 600 VDC. Laminate Standard Configuration Photovoltaic photo laminate with potted terminal cover mount with output cables and quick-connect to terminals *.

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