LED Lamps

3rd Generation LED Technology Goals

Light Spectrum

Comparative: 400 w Sodium Vapor Lamp vs. Leds 80 w lamp


Energy consumption:

Other Companies (High Pressure Sodium)
500 W
Solar Energy Green (LED Technology)
140 W

Quantifiable savings. Running 10 hours a day, each LED lamp saves 1,314 kWh of electricity annually.

Annual Energy Consumption:

Other Companies (High Pressure Sodium)
1825 KwH
Solar Energy Green (LED Technology
511 KwH


Other Companies (High Pressure Sodium) with loss of brightness
2-4 years
Solar Energy Green (LED Technology) without loss of brightness
12 years

Up to 50,000 hours without losing shine. High Pressure Sodium lamps have a useful life of 2 to 4 years with loss of 50% of their brightness during the first year, while LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours or 13.5 years using 12 continuous hours each day. We have a 5-year factory default warranty.

Environmental impact:

Coal Savings
5,784 tons per year
Water Savings
5,784 m3 per year
Coal Dust Reduction
3,933 tons peryear
Reduction of CO2 emissions
14,417 toneladas al año


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