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Comparing with traditional fixed solar energy, solar tracking photovoltaic power equipment has significant advantages in increasing energy production efficiency, decreasing energy production cost, and reducing land use. This equipment is a new product of advanced technology, and is highly accepted by the local and foreign solar energy industry for use today. ZTF Automatic Tracking Solar Photovoltaic Power Equipment (ZTF) is consisted of our own designed automatic tracking system. The mechanical tracking system is a new advanced technology in the world and has a patent controlling by our company. It mounts with the solar array of the photovoltaic cell module (photovoltaic panels), and the inverter system to form the ZTF. Therefore, the array of the photovoltaic cell module (the photovoltaic panels) is installed in the equipment cover, like the sunflower, and the rotation according to the direction of the sun from where it rises until sunset. Tracking accuracy is less than 0.05 degree / sec and directly facing towards the axis of the sun to maximize solar energy at any time.
Therefore, the ZTF has advantages of efficiency in energy production, on the increase it is more than 50% than conventional panels; Decreasing energy production cost more than 40%. Moreover, the tracking power is less than 0.5% of maximum power, and the equipment can work under class 10 wind speed. The ZTF has excellent performance in energy saving and less pollutant; and it has a mechanical life of 30 years. The price is reasonable and it is a high quality product up to international standards; ZTF de ses México would be the first in the World market. Furthermore, our product has been inspected by Wuhan’s high-quality product supervision and inspection department, in full compliance with local technical standard Q / WSHS01-2009.
The fixed solar power generation system is just 3 hours, but the ZTF end in the sun at any time, lengthened the effective generation time, about 12 hours in summer, even 8 hours in winter, so that it increases greatly the effectiveness of the

Automatic Tracking System Panel:

The ZTF Photoelectric Control System is a command and control center for tracking the movement of the grid’s photovoltaic panel. You can track the different position of the sunlight, giving command to the drag mechanism to move the grid photovoltaic panel on time. Automatically prone and horizontal angle adjustment, to ensure the photovoltaic array can always be perpendicular to the light axis of sunlight in motion to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. It also gives the command grid the photovoltaic panel automatic return to origin at night. For class 10 wind speed, it can drive automatic grid turn to horizontal position on time, ensuring equipment safety.

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