Transparent Panel

Modules without Frames.

Transparent solar panels as construction material

We offer state-of-the-art transparent solar panels for use as construction material. The current solar architecture has to fulfill requirements that can be in mutual contradiction. The user of the building wants to have maximum visual contact with the outside. This is often accomplished with glass, which can involve:

Clean buildings are smart

Clean green buildings use transparent solar panels as primary elements in facades, ceiling lights, and awnings. Integrated Photovoltaic Construction (BIPV) systems reduce energy costs, provide glare protection, thermal insulation, and play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gases.

Solar modules generate direct current that the inverter converts into alternating current. The inverter connects the photovoltaic system to the grid, the most effective and economical way to use solar electricity for a building. In general, most of the energy is consumed by turning on and plugging loads in the building. Excess energy is fed into the grid to obtain credit.

Solar panels use the existing support structure, so no additional material or energy is needed.



Building materials replaced:

BIPV: Integrated PV Construction

Architectural Aesthetics: Junction box, cable can be hidden in curtain wall under professional design. At last it will not affect the appearance of the building and it will be a perfect combination of nature and construction. Architectural Lighting: We can adjust the cell array to achieve reasonable transparency to meet architectural lighting. Security Performance: Usually we adopt two-piece or more tempered glass to finish BIPV. It has good impact resistance, durability, transparency, security. Easy installation: BIPV is made of double glass solar panel and glass curtain wall. In terms of technology and installation method, they are similar to ordinary glass curtain wall and can fully meet the convenient installation requirements. Long life: PVB in BIPV has better heat resistance, cold resistance, temperature resistance, moisture-proof and anti-aging, impact resistance, and finally makes BIPV have a longer lifespan than EVA. Green and environmental protection: BIPV is integrated into the building and does not need to occupy a land area, without noise, without contamination. BIPV buildings can be their own power for their own use, reducing energy delivery costs and loss. The power generation and peak power of BIPV buildings are synchronized and can alleviate the maximum energy demand of the state grid. It has great social benefits.

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